Our Process

Cherry Hill Cabinetry's high quality design services are what sets us apart from other cabinetry providers. We balance functionality, appearance and cost considerations to arrive at a kitchen design that works best. We’re dedicated to providing a personalized plan for each project. That’s why our process includes the following steps...

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Warming Up

1. Initial meeting
2. Scope of work defined
3. On-site measurement

The Work Begins
4. Create Design
5. Remodeling Proposal Generated
6. First design meeting with client
7. Discuss design/scope of work/price

Taking Care of Business
8. $2,000 design retainer due
9. Redesign/Adjust scope of work as needed (adjust price accordingly)
10. Subsequent design meetings
11. Review changes until design is finalized per clients’ approval

Bringing it to Life
12. Material selection process (cabinetry, tile, countertops, appliances, flooring, etc)
13. 50% deposit
14. Order cabinetry and project materials
15. Begin project
16. Finish project

Wrapping Up
17. Walk-through with clients
18. Final payment